PREP 2019

PREP: Pre-Engineering Program - Condition for Admission

Is PREP a condition for your admission?  You’re in the right place! Here you will learn more about the program, frequently asked questions and fill out the form to help us get to know you. Meet some of our past "PREP-ies" and hear why they enjoyed being a part of program.

The Pre-Engineering Program (PREP) is a three week summer program with 60 incoming Berkeley Engineering students. Through PREP you will understand the rigors of UC Berkeley coursework — specifically in calculus, chemistry, and programming courses. As a PREP student, you’ll make friends with fellow incoming students and build a network of peers even before you start classes.

PREP is one of the many support services offered by Engineering Student Services. Through the generous support of our corporate partners, PREP is provided at no cost to participating students.

There are three main thrusts of Berkeley Engineering’s Pre-Engineering Program:  

  • Academic Component: You will attend primer seminars based on lower division courses that you’ll take during your first year as a Berkeley Engineer.  You will make valuable connections with other incoming engineering students, current students and PREP alumni.

  • Professional Development Component: Even if you have never created a resume, you’ll be ready to hit the ground running just in time for UC Berkeley’s fall career fairs. Landing your Dream Job is a journey and it starts at PREP!   

  • Design Component: You will work with engineering Professor Scott Moura in the Jacobs Institute of Design Innovation.  Working with a team, you will create a prototype using the SPRINT design process. At the end of the program you'll showcase your product at the Design Expo to industry representatives (such as Chevron and Micron) and Berkeley Engineering faculty.

What happens after PREP?

The PREP summer experience is just the beginning. After PREP you will be invited to participate in fall seminars and weekly study groups.  You will be invited to exclusive networking opportunities with industry and participate in exploratory experiences that will maximize your time at Cal.

When does PREP take place?

This year PREP takes place from July 29-August 16, 2019, just prior to UC Berkeley’s Golden Bear Orientation.

What is the cost of PREP?

Through the generous support of our sponsors — RECARE Foundation, Chevron, GM, Boeing and the College of Engineering — PREP is free to all participants. Lodging, food, books and class time are all provided. A small amount of spending money is all you’ll need.

What's Next?

Fill out our short questionnaire so we can get to know you better and get ready for you to begin an awesome four-years with Berkeley Engineering.

PREP frequently asked questions

Will I need to bring any money with me?
There will be an outing or two during PREP, and you will need to buy your own lunch at one of them. You may also want money to buy basic necessities or to shop.

Are books included in the program? 
All required educational materials will be provided.

Where will I be staying during PREP? Will I be in my assigned residence hall room for the fall semester? If not, when will I move into my residence hall room?
You will be housed in a university residence hall with the other PREP participants. After the conclusion of the program, we will help you move into your assigned residence hall room for the fall semester.

Will I need somewhere to stay between the end of PREP and the move-in date for my specific residence hall?
Housing between the end of PREP and the residence hall move-in day will not be necessary. You will be able to move into your assigned residence hall room immediately after the conclusion of PREP (earlier than regular move in day).

Is the program all day? Can I leave during the program for a family event or arrive after the first day?
Yu will not be able to leave during the program and must stay on campus each evening in their assigned residence hall room (no exceptions). You will be required to remain for the entire duration due to liability reasons; as well, absences would be disruptive to the educational process and community building.

Will I have free time during PREP?
You will have access to UC Berkeley’s Recreational Sports Facility during the program and there is some free time but the program schedule is quite packed so you may not work and take classes during the program.  

Is there any cost to me to participate in PREP? Will housing and meals be provided?
Participation in PREP is completely free of charge — all meals and housing will be provided.

Can I commute to the program if I live close to campus?
No. An important component of PREP is community-building, so even local students are required to stay in their assigned residence hall room. Due to liability and safety reasons we cannot have you staying elsewhere.