Stephanie Chang

Class of 2014
Mechanical engineering

Why did you choose Berkeley Engineering?

I narrowed my choices down with objective criteria, such as rankings, funding, research and project opportunities. From then on, I relied on my gut when I visited each campus to decide where I felt most at ease. And as you can see, I felt the most at home at Berkeley!

What do you like most about Berkeley Engineering?

Stephanie ChangStephanie Chang (Photo by Preston Davis)I’ve had the pleasure of meeting so many fellow engineering students who, despite the workload of technical courses, remain passionate and dedicated to their respective disciplines. The investment and interest each student has in their research, their studies and their future is infectious — and makes me love what I study even more.

What are you working on?

At Partners for Advanced Transportation Technology (PATH), which is under the California Institute of Transportation Studies, I helped compose research publications on animal traffic detection systems. I was also involved with the quality assurance testing phase of a new bicycle traffic detection system.

What else do you do?

I was an active member of Theta Tau, the co-ed engineering professional fraternity. I read sci-fi, swim and watch endless amounts of television.

What are you passionate about?

I am incredibly proud to be an engineering student, and nothing makes me more excited than to understand and discuss cutting-edge innovation in science and technology. More often than not, though, the diction and terminology are far too technical and make what I’m discussing seem foreign and complex. I would love to find some way to create a colloquial bridge so that science and technology are not so intimidating and are far more user-friendly. This is partially why I devote a lot of my time to studying media and communications by doing recreational journalism. I’ve yet to decide how I want to achieve this colloquial bridge, but it’s something I look forward to making happen.

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