Nery Barrera

I'm a Berkeley EngineerClass of 2018
Environmental Engineering Science
Skyline College

When did you know that you wanted to become an engineer? When I realized that physics and math could be used to protect the environment, I couldn't think of anything else I wanted to be.

Why did you choose Berkeley Engineering? I chose UC Berkeley because it has the best environmental engineering program in the world, very good professors and a friendly and inclusive atmosphere between students.

Nery Barrera LopezNery Barerra (photo by Laura Vogt)What do you like most about Berkeley Engineering? I like the fact that faculty and staff are very accessible.  A student has no problem to utilize the services from Berkeley Engineering.

Do you often take advantage of programs and offerings of Engineering Student Services?  All the time! I visit my ESS adviser at least two times per semester, the career adviser once per semester and I study at CAEE.

What are you working on (projects/research)? I am currently working on two research projects with the College of Natural Resources in collaboration with the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.  One is about the impacts of heat waves in agriculture in California.  The other project evaluates socioeconomic and environmental factors affecting the ability of cities to reduce their water consumption during droughts.

What else do you do outside of class? I'm a student parent, so I love to spend time with my family.  I also volunteer in my daughter's school when needed.

What are you passionate about? Everything about nature and the environment!!

Who has been your most influential role model? My parents, who taught me to excel in everything I do with honesty and humanity.

Have you had a memorable “aha” moment (yet) at Berkeley Engineering? While attending T-PREP, I stopped feeling intimidated about coming to Berkeley, and noticed that any student has the ability to excel here.

What are your future plans? I plan to get a master's degree, and work locally to protect the natural and urban ecosystems of the Bay Area.