Kyelo Torres

I'm a Berkeley EngineerClass of 2019
Mechanical engineering

Fullerton College

When did you know that you wanted to become an engineer? When I was a kid, I used to spend hours building huge Lego masterpieces. The feeling of looking at your creation after countless hours of work is priceless. I knew at that moment I wanted to work with "adult Legos" and become an engineer.

Why did you choose Berkeley Engineering? The engineering program at Berkeley is the perfect program to help me achieve my vision of improving the healthcare system.

Kyelo TorresKyelo Torres (photo by Laura Vogt)What do you like most about Berkeley Engineering? I have made amazing friends at Berkeley that are both peers and faculty. I have never had such a supportive group that pushed me to be the best I can be.

Do you often take advantage of programs and offerings of Engineering Student Services? Have they been useful? If so, how? One of the hardest things about college is finding your place. It really does feel like you are a small fish in a big pond, but when you find your group and people that care about you, that big pond doesn't seem as big. The programs at ESS has helped me find that group of people and so much more.

What else do you do outside of class? I play IM soccer, basketball, volleyball, and dodgeball. I also enjoy going on adventures. I like to try new things with the same people or the same things with new people.

What are you passionate about? I am passionate about giving back to the community that has given so much to me.

Who has been your most influential role model? My parents are the most influential people in my life. They showed me what it means to be a good person, a loving parent, and a hard worker.

Have you had a memorable “aha” moment (yet) at Berkeley Engineering? I had major imposter syndrome during my first semester at Cal. I felt that I was not good enough to be here and that I was going to fail. However, I was talking to one of my friends and we were discussing theories about life and talking about the future we hope to create. And at the end of that talk, my friend looked at me and smiled and said, "With thoughts like that, you really do belong at Cal". Hearing those words helped me realized my place in this school and helped me dissolve my imposter syndrome.

What are your future plans? I imagine a world where every disease is detectable and that people will get the fighting chance to live a happy life. I don't know my future plans but I know that every action I take will be towards this goal. Hopefully, I can get a job working in research and development at a biotechnology company.