Joy Gu

I'm a Berkeley EngineerClass of 2018
Engineering math and statistics

When did you know you wanted to be an engineer? I knew I wanted to pursue engineering after attending a summer camp (held at UC Berkeley!) that focused on introducing high school students to engineering. I loved math and science, but didn't have first-hand experience with engineering. During the camp, we had various challenges such as creating wind turbines out of household materials and building an underwater robot to collect balls in a pool. It was at this camp that I fell in love with the teamwork, creativity and problem-solving that engineering is made of. Once I came home I knew I wanted to be an engineer!

Why did you choose Berkeley Engineering? I fell in love with Berkeley the same time I did with engineering, during the summer camp I attended in high school. Because I was able to stay for about a week, I could really feel the energy and excitement of the campus all around me. I also love that Berkeley Engineering is the perfect combination of historic achievements and modern advancements, and that you can be a part of the momentum. When I received my acceptance letter I actually cried, so I think that was a sign!

Joy GuJoy Gu (photo by Laura Vogt)What do you like most about Berkeley Engineering? One of my favorite things about being a student here is that the knowledge and tools you gain will enable you to make an incredible difference. These tools not only come from your professors, but they also come from your fellow peers. Many of the lessons I've learned about engineering have come from engaging with other students, and with such a diverse set of interests everyone is bound to find a community they can call home.

What else do you do outside of class? I really enjoy sharing my love of Berkeley as a campus ambassador, aka tour guide, for the university. I also work as a peer adviser in the Engineering Student Services office. I also spend time in leadership roles in the Society of Engineering Sciences (SES) and the Society of Women Engineers (SWE). I enjoy trying new foods, adventuring through museums, and petting all the Berkeley dogs.

What are you passionate about? I am very passionate about supporting and advancing the community of women in STEM. I have been involved in SWE since my first semester here, and have met so many strong, smart and successful peers along the way. I have loved being able to contribute to the growing community as an officer, and recently have piloted a leadership seminar and various advocacy events to provide more resources for women in engineering. I hope my contributions can lead to a future in which there is equal gender representation and opportunities in engineering and tech.

Have you had a memorable "aha" moment (yet) at Berkeley Engineering? My 'aha' moment came when I had the chance to connect with a Berkeley Engineering alum in my major. At a large university, there is also an incredibly large and diverse alumni community, all of whom are happy to share their stories and advice! Chatting with this mentor made me more confident in my choice of major and I realized the value of a Berkeley education across various fields and industries.

What are your future plans? After graduation I will be working as an engineer at Northrop Grumman as part of their Professional Development Program (PDP) in the Aerospace Sector, a rotation program for new graduates. I hope to eventually pursue a graduate degree and travel internationally! If there's one thing I've learned from Berkeley, it's to always keep an open mind; opportunities may take you in a new and different direction!