Emmanuel Bonsu

I'm a Berkeley EngineerClass of 2018
Mechanical engineering

When did you know that you wanted to become an engineer? I wanted to be in a field that polished my problem skills as well as challenged my creativity. And I found engineering to be a natural fit.

What do you like most about Berkeley Engineering? I enjoy the fact that I get to learn from the leading faculty professors who are well vested in their field of research.

Emmanuel BonsuEmmanuel Bonsu (photo by Laura Vogt)Do you often take advantage of programs and offerings of Engineering Student Services? Have they been useful? If so, how? I’ve participated in most of the programs offered by Engineering Student Services, and I find the academic tutoring as well as peer advising extremely useful. With the tutoring services, I’m able to further my understanding on certain concepts that were not clear during lecture. And for peer advising, I get to discuss my potential schedule with another student to accurately gauge the expected workload.

Who has been your most influential role model? Patrick Awuah, a Haas School of Business alumni who started the first ever liberal arts college in Ghana.

What are your future plans? I plan to go into the industry in the foreseeable future to acquire some practical experience as an engineer and later start my own engineering consulting firm.