Senior residence rule

The college requires that your final 30 units and your final two semesters toward your B.S. degree be completed in residence (you must be registered at UC Berkeley) in the College of Engineering. You must also meet the university’s Senior Residence requirement: 24 units completed over at least two semesters in residence once you reach 90 units (the semester in which the 90 units are exceeded, plus at least one additional semester). By completing the College of Engineering residence requirement, you will automatically meet the university’s requirement.

If you are enrolled in the Education Abroad Program, you may be permitted to satisfy a modified Senior Residence requirement. The modified Senior Residence requirement states that of your final 60 units at least 24 must be in residence in the College of Engineering. In addition, at least 12 of these 24 units must be completed after you have already completed 90 units.

Please consult with your Engineering Student Services (ESS) Adviser if you believe you will not be able to meet the Senior Residence requirement. Under specific circumstances, students can request a waiver of the requirement.