Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program (SRC-URO)

UC Berkeley is one of 16 campuses to participate in the SRC Undergraduate Research Opportunities (SRC-URO) program, funded by the Semiconductor Research Corporation (SRC). The program is designed to attract and retain students in science and engineering disciplines relevant to technology-based industries and to encourage their enrollment in graduate school by providing sustained undergraduate research experiences and mentoring relationships.

Each student conducts research under a faculty mentor is also assigned a graduate mentor. Students are encouraged to present their research findings at national conferences for increased networking opportunities and to strengthen their graduate admissions applications. Berkeley SRC Students are invited to present their research findings at annual on campus events to inform students and the general public about research relevant to technology based industries.

Made possible by Intel and the Education Alliance for Science, Engineering & Technology.


Students majoring in a specific field of interest to SRC (bioengineering, computer science, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, materials science & engineering). Traditionally underrepresented students are encouraged to apply. US citizens or permanent residents.


SRC-URO students must provide tracking data to SRC. They must present research progress and results in a poster or a paper, at either the poster session or to the student's research group.

Semester Terms:

Stipend of up to $1500 will be paid to students accepted, depending on hours per week or level of effort, on confirmation of completion of research by faculty mentor. Designated grad student mentors may be paid $500 per year.

Stipend Guideline:

Up to $1500.00 for a semester of research (up to 10 hours a week). Less compensation according to level of effort. Stipends will be deposited by Electronic Fund Transfer.

Application Procedure


If you are interested in the program please contact Tiffany Reardon. Faculty mentors will be asked to submit research position description and approval of each student.

Other Resources for Research

Take a look at our main undergraduate research page for a lot more helpful information.