Applicants for a change of college to a major in the College of Engineering must meet all of the following requirements to be considered:

  • Minimum technical (math, science and engineering classes) GPA of 3.4 for BioE and BioE/MSE, 3.2 for any Engineering Sciences major, and 3.0 for all other majors. You must meet the GPA requirement on the day you submit your application. Technical GPA consists of lower division course requirements as noted on the change of college worksheet. While other technical courses are not calculated into the GPA, it is expected that students demonstrate strong performance in all STEM courses. When calculating the technical GPA, grades for courses that have been repeated should be averaged as long as the original grade was below a C-. Do not use just the better of the two grades to calculate the technical GPA. Grades for repeats of technical courses in which the original grade was C- or higher should not be calculated into the technical GPA.   Except for coursework completed at another UC Campus, any coursework not completed at Berkeley is not factored into the GPA calculations, but should be noted on the worksheet.
  • Completion of two semesters of coursework at Berkeley (Fall Program for Freshmen and Berkeley Global Edge Program do not count as one semester).
  • Satisfactory academic progress towards completion of requirements for selected major. For all majors this means completion of (at a minimum) the freshman year curriculum for the intended major (which can be found in the College of Engineering Undergraduate Guide) and have in progress the requisite number of additional courses to be on track for that major.
  • Ability to complete the degree within four years or eight total semesters.
  • Transfer students are not eligible to apply for change of college into engineering
  • Apply no later than your fourth semester of college enrollment, (Fall Program for Freshman and Berkeley Global Edge an apply in their 5th semester).
  • IEOR applicants must complete two letter-graded math courses at Berkeley to be eligible to apply. This two-course requirement cannot be met with AP, IB or A-Level exam scores.
  • If applying in the third semester, have completed or have in progress the first half of the Reading and Composition requirement (R&C "A"), and the program planning form must indicate second half (R & C “B”) will be completed no later than the fourth semester.
  • If applying in the fourth semester, completed the first half of the Reading and Composition requirement, and the second half (R&C "B") must be completed or in progress that term.
  • Effective Fall 2017, the College of Engineering will not accept change of college applications for any of the following: EECS major, EECS/MSE joint major, EECS/NE joint major.