Repetition of courses

The following policies apply to repetition of courses:

  • You may only repeat courses in which you received a grade of D+, D, D-, F or NP.
  • If you received an NP in a course and you want to repeat the course, you may repeat it on either a Passed/Not Passed (P/NP) basis or a letter graded basis.
  • For the first 12 letter-graded (D+ or lower) units of repeated courses, the grade you receive in the course the second time will replace the original grade in the calculation of your grade point average (GPA), even if the second grade is lower. Your original grade will remain printed on your transcript. Note: Some professional schools, including law schools, use both grades in calculating your GPA for admission.
  • After the first 12 units of repeated courses, both the new and original grades are averaged into your GPA.
  • You may not take a course for a third time and receive grade points. A course repeated more than once will not be included in the GPA, but a passing grade in the repeated course will be accepted in satisfaction of requirements for the degree.
  • If you receive a grade of Incomplete (I) upon repetition of a course, the grade of D+, D, D- or F will continue to be computed in the grade-point average until the I grade is replaced.
  • If you enroll in a course in which you received an I grade, the I will lapse to an F and appropriate repeat rules will apply.