Readmission policy for dismissed students

In limited situations, if you have been dismissed from the College of Engineering you may be considered for readmission for a future semester. You will be required to take at least a year break from UC Berkeley and at least a semester break from your academics. After a year or more, the Dean’s Committee may consider readmission applications from students who can demonstrate that they used their break from academics to identify, and take tangible steps to address, the challenges that led to their academic difficulty. After one semester away from your academics, if you believe that you have successfully addressed these challenges and you wish to enroll in courses at another institution, or at Berkeley through concurrent enrollment, contact your Engineering Student Services (ESS) Adviser to discuss whether or not this would be an appropriate option. Readmission after dismissal is never guaranteed. In some instances, it may be best to apply for readmission to another college on campus or to pursue your education at another institution. Students who have been dismissed twice are not eligible to apply for readmission to the College of Engineering. If you are interested in discussing readmission after dismissal, you should schedule an appointment with your ESS Adviser by calling (510) 642-7594.