Berkeley Engineering image gallery terms & conditions

In brief:

Images obtained from the Berkeley Engineering image gallery are for noncommercial use only. Resales and third-party use are not allowed without permission from Berkeley Engineering’s Office of Marketing & Communication.

Individual images carry varying restrictions on their use. Limitations are listed below each image preview, and are embedded in the metadata with each downloaded image file.

Anyone may browse or search most of this online collection, but only authorized users may download images located outside the Public folder. If you do not have authorization to download, you may request specific images using the gallery’s ??? tools.

The fine print:

By logging into this site, and/or by downloading assets from this site, you agree to the following terms of use:

  1. NONCOMMERCIAL USE: All assets in the gallery are for noncommercial use only. Use of these assets for the promotion, production, and/or commercial sale of products is permitted only by license or authorization from the UC Berkeley Office of Marketing and Business Outreach.
  2. REDISTRIBUTION PROHIBITED: You may not sell, rent, lease, loan, share, sublicense, distribute or transfer assets to any third party for commercial purposes.
  3. POLICY COMPLIANCE: By downloading or copying these assets, you agree to use them only in a manner consistent with University of California policy and with the Terms of Use for University of California, Berkeley Intellectual Policy on the UC Berkeley Identity website. Unauthorized use may constitute trademark and/or copyright infringement as well as an unfair business practice.
  4. TRADEMARKS: The campus’ name, logos, and distinctive visual images (e.g., the Campanile, Sather Gate) are protected by state and federal trademark law.
  5. USAGE RIGHTS: Individual assets carry varying restrictions on their use; these limitations are listed below each asset preview, and are embedded in the metadata for each downloaded file. Copyright, credit, and other rights usage terms must not be deleted from downloaded asset files.
  6. CREDITS: Photo credits should be used whenever possible, and must be used when they are listed as mandatory.
  7. REGENTAL RULES: Unless otherwise labeled, these assets are the property of the Regents of the University of California, and are protected by copyright law. They may not be used to imply, either directly or indirectly, the University of California’s (or any of its subunits’) endorsement, support, favor, association with, or opposition to an organization, product, or service without permission of the university.
  8. LOCATION: Whenever applicable, images must be identified plainly as portraying the University of California, Berkeley.
  9. TRACKING OF DOWNLOADS: This site tracks all downloads of assets, and site administrators periodically review these logs to understand usage patterns and improve the service. Your permission to access the gallery may be revoked if it is determined that your account has misused the site or its contents.
  10. PHOTO RELEASES: Unless otherwise indicated, assets in this gallery do not have photo releases from the individuals depicted therein. It is therefore important to be mindful of the appropriate use of images, and to avoid uses that cast subjects in a negative light, that associate individuals with sensitive topics without their knowledge, that single out individuals from within a large group to make them identifiable, or that invade the privacy of subjects. Particular care should be taken with any image depicting young children. When in doubt, consult with legal counsel.
  11. WATERMARKS: Preview images with watermarks are for consideration and placement only; non-watermarked copies of assets from outside the Public folder may only be downloaded by registered site users. Other visitors may request the download of limited-use assets using the link displayed next to the preview image; a gallery administrator will respond to your request within 1-2 business days.

For questions concerning the use of assets from the gallery, contact Berkeley Engineering at