Corey Williams

Corey Williamshe/him/his
CAEE role: Deep Dive Instructor
Major: Materials Science & Engineering
Fun fact: In one of my clubs I won the award “Most likely to eat concrete”.

I’m a 4th year materials science and engineering major and I transferred to Berkeley Fall 2021 from Contra Costa College. I’m a Bay Area native, born in Oakland. I was in T-PREP 2021 and this summer I taught ME C85/CE C30 for T-PREP 2022. I’m a researcher in the Scott Lab in the MSE department where I use machine learning techniques to study HRTEM images of nanoparticles of Au and CdSe. More specifically I use autoencoders and variational autoencoders to study how latent variables in the nanoparticles affect the nanoparticles.