Adarsh Anil Kumar

Adarsh Anil KumarHello! My name is Adarsh Anil Kumar, but if that’s difficult to pronounce y’all can call me Addy. I am a senior studying mechanical engineering with a minor in aerospace engineering. I hail from a small oasis town called Al Ain in the United Arab Emirates (long way from home, I know). Here at Cal, I spend the majority of my time being the president of the Aero SAE club or prototyping random projects at Jacobs/Hesse Hall. I am huge on sustainable mobility and tech and have hence interned at Tesla and Rivian in my previous years. I am also very active in the sports scene here, playing a lot of IM soccer and being one of the founding members of the Cal cricket club. In my free time, you can catch me traveling, critiquing movies or cooking. Feel free to talk to me about engineering at Cal, talking to professors, internships, Greek life and absolutely anything (I love to talk, haha). See ya around campus!