Diagram of how Berkeley0Darfur stove improves lives

It starts with a stove

May 1, 2012
This article appeared in Berkeley Engineer magazine, Spring 2012

The Berkeley-Darfur stoves project addresses the needs of families displaced by violence in western Sudan. Started in 2005 by civil and environmental engineering professor Ashok Gadgil, the project combines fuel-efficient stove technology with a design adapted to the cooking and cultural habits of Darfuri women. Measuring a foot high and a foot in diameter, the stoves have an enormous impact. So far the Berkeley-Darfur stoves project has distributed more than 20,250 stoves. This spring, the United States Agency for International Development awarded the project a $1.5 million grant, and Gadgil received the Lemelson-MIT award of $100,000 for global innovation. See more at potentialenergy.org.