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  • Trees burning in smoky forest
    New group to explore engineering solutions for wildfires

    11/16/2018 Fung Institute - The newly formed Fire Research Group , led by mechanical engineering professor Tarek Zohdi, brings together scientists from UC Berkeley, the Space Sciences Lab and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory to find more effective engineering solutions for uncontrolled wildfires.

  • A tableful of students take part in the Cal Hacks hackathon
    'I don't really want to work at Facebook'

    11/15/2018 New York Times - A visit to Cal Hacks finds that for many young engineers, including Berkeley computer science students, the stigma of working for Facebook is beginning to outweigh the financial and other benefits.

  • MRI scans showing changes in the brains of young football players
    Playing high school football changes the teenage brain

    11/15/2018 - A single season of high school football may be enough to cause microscopic changes in the structure of the brain, according to a new study by researchers from three universities led by Berkeley EECS professor Chunlei Liu.

  • Dean Liu and new MET students
    Dean's note: Coming together as a community

    11/14/2018 - To come up with effective and impactful solutions, engineers need a diversity of perspectives, experiences and skills.

  • NextProf Nexus participants outside Blum Hall.
    Expanding the pipeline

    11/14/2018 - The NextProf Nexus workshop prepares diverse graduate students for careers in higher education.

  • Doctored photo of shark on a Houston highway
    Fighting fake news

    11/14/2018 - Berkeley students have created SurfSafe, a machine learning tool that identifies when an online photo has been doctored.

  • Illustration of a football player running with a ball
    A collision of talent

    11/14/2018 - A course at Berkeley teams STEM students with athletes to develop sports-related technology.

  • Dean Tsu-Jae King Liu
    Q+A with Dean Tsu-Jae King Liu

    11/14/2018 - New Berkeley Engineering Dean Tsu-Jae King Liu elaborates on her priorities and long-term vision for the college.

  • Magnified image of ciscuits printed on flexible mesh
    Origami electronics

    11/14/2018 - Scientists have fabricated electronic switches and sensors directly onto paper, where folding it can switch circuits on and off.

  • Illustration showing how waste heat could be used to generate energy
    From waste heat to energy

    11/14/2018 - Researchers have developed a thin-film device that converts waste heat to energy, using pyroelectric energy conversion.


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