Four alumni named to Forbes' 30­-Under­-30 list

Timothy DowningTimothy Downing (Photo courtesy UC Irvine)Four alumni have been named to the 2017 Forbes “30-under-30” list for their innovative contributions to science, healthcare and consumer technology.

ANKUR AGGARWAL (M.Eng.’12 EECS) teamed up with roommates to found TowerView Health, a company that produces smart pill boxes that send text messages to remind patients to take their medications. The idea was conceived after one of their roommates was diagnosed with cancer and had trouble keeping track of medications.

TIMOTHY DOWNING (Ph.D.’13 BioE) was named a science innovator for demonstrating how extracellular signals could influence the fate of cells — a discovery that could solve biomedical engineering challenges such as spinal tissue repair.

THIBAULT DUCHEMIN (M.Eng.’14 IEOR) founded Ava, a startup with an app that generates real-time, color-coded transcription to enable hearing-impaired people to navigate group conversations — a need previously unaddressed by consumer technology.

TIM WANG (B.S.’09 BioE) co-founded KSQ Therapeutics, a drug discovery company that uses his cutting-edge research on the gene-editing technology CRISPR to identify novel drug targets in oncology and immuno-oncology in the hopes of finding transformative therapies.

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