Robots on an assembly line

Boosting robotics in manufacturing

In January, the Department of Defense announced a new $253 million Advanced Robotics Manufacturing (ARM) Innovation Hub, with Berkeley Engineering as a key partner.

The ARM consortium, headquartered in Pittsburgh with academic and industrial partners in 31 states, is organizing domestic capabilities in robotics technology to amplify U.S. manufacturing. The Berkeley team, led by professor of mechanical engineering Tarek Zohdi, brings strengths in advanced manufacturing, computational mechanics, robotics and control to the consortium’s research and technology innovation agenda.

“U.S. industries stand to make the greatest gains by understanding and adopting the latest tools and processes in robotically enabled systems,” says Zohdi. “We want to develop the laboratory and computational tools that allow manufacturers to produce superior products, even the most complex, at lower operational costs.”

Topics: Mechanical engineering, Research, Robotics & AI

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