Paul Jacobs, Kirsi Tikka, Tejal Desai and Dennis Discher

New academy members (from left) Paul Jacobs, Kirsi Tikka, Tejal Desai and Dennis Discher.

Alumni inducted into national academies

The National Academy of Engineering (NAE) named Paul Jacobs (B.S.’84, M.S.’86, Ph.D.’89 EECS) and Kirsi Tikka (M.S.’84, Ph.D.’89 Naval Architecture and Offshore Eng.) members of the class of 2016. Jacobs, executive chairman of Qualcomm Inc., was recognized for leadership in the design and development of wireless products and services. Tikka, president and COO of ABS Europe Division, was recognized for contributions to internationally recognized standards for ship structural design, construction and maritime safety.

The National Academy of Medicine (NAM) has also named new members in 2016 for contributions to the advancement of the medical sciences. Tejal Desai (Ph.D.’98 BioE) is a professor and chair of bioengineering and therapeutic sciences at UCSF and Dennis Discher (Ph.D.’93 BioE) is professor of chemical and biomolecular engineering, bioengineering and mechanical engineering and applied mechanics at the University of Pennsylvania.

Photos courtesy: Qualcomm (Jacobs), ABS (Tikka), Tejal Desai/UCSF (Desai), UPenn (Discher)

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