Sally Winkler and Kayla Wolf

Bioengineering Ph.D. students Kayla Wolf (left) and Sally Winkler host the Double Shelix podcast. (Photo by Adam Lau)

New STEM podcast

When bioengineering Ph.D. students Sally Winkler and Kayla Wolf first launched the Double Shelix podcast in 2016, they hoped to start a public conversation about the challenges women face in pursuing STEM careers. Now, just two years later, they’ve aired 19 episodes, building an audience of over 1,000 listeners from 40 countries.

The podcast has covered topics that range from cultivating mentorships and battling imposter syndrome to navigating the ins and outs of grad school. Earlier this year, they also released a series of episodes called “You Do Belong in Science,” featuring science and education experts discussing the creation of supportive STEM communities.

“Facing hardship in a STEM career can feel really awful, but it happens to everyone,” they said. “In giving our listeners tools to address challenges they face — like poor mentorship or burnout — and introducing them to leaders who have faced similar struggles, we hope to help our listeners thrive.”

Going forward, Winkler and Wolf plan to host their first live show, and in 2019, produce episodes that highlight the unexpected career paths of successful scientists. The Double Shelix podcast is currently available on iTunes and Google Play.

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