Friends, followers and readers: Thanks for your comments. Here is a recent sampling.

“Introducing Berkeley Engineer,”

The new Berkeley Engineer is a wonderful way of keeping us remote alumni up-to-date on Berkeley engineering passion. Go Bears!
—Gregory W., via Facebook

Just got the premiere issue of Berkeley Engineer. Looks great, @Cal_Engineer team!
—OaklandDD, via Twitter

New magazine format is great! Keep it up.
—Anthony Johnson ’60, via mail

Since we are moving to an era of new technology, I think an iPad app that links to a readable magazine would be a good direction for this type of periodical.
—Danilo R., via e-mail

“Steel bridge team wins nationals,”

Wow! It’s awesome, guys! Keep going, Steel Bridge Team!
—flash-mob, via Innovations

SO excited for Cal’s win. Great job, guys. This team has come a long way—your hard work has paid off!
—Nathan, via Innovations

“UC Berkeley joins not-for-profit online learning collaborative,” Berkeley NewsCenter:

Professors Fox and Patterson are great, plus the material is very exciting. This class is def worth spreading out to the world!
—Benjamin R., via Facebook

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