IEOR class registration

Students in IEOR are encouraged to seek mentorship from our exceptional IEOR faculty. Faculty advisers (and, indeed, all faculty members) hold office hours throughout the school year to help students with course content; to advise on courses, ask about career aspirations, and also graduate school; to mentor undergraduate student researchers, and to write letters of recommendation as appropriate.  

IEOR students should meet with the faculty advisor assigned at least twice a year for academic advising. The faculty advisor reviews the student's proposed academic schedule, suggests coursework based on the student's interest and offers to mentor for career development. If a student struggles academically, as evidenced by their GPA, faculty advising will be mandatory (for students with GPA below 2.0) prior to enrollment in classes for Spring 2020. 

Undergraduate faculty advising for IEOR majors will begin in October.

Please consult the Faculty Advising FAQ which you can find here for information on when faculty advising will begin, who is your faculty adviser, how to meet with your adviser and what to bring with you to your faculty advising appointment.