How does Berkeley Engineering make its admission decisions for transfer students?

Berkeley gives the highest priority for admission to California community college applicants. Lower priority is given to applicants from other UC campuses, other four-year institutions or non-California community colleges. Applicants are evaluated primarily on their completion of lower-division courses, as well as the level of academic achievement reflected in their GPA. Only applicants who have completed 100 percent of the required core courses for their major — as outlined on ASSIST (including English R1A & R1B) — and achieved an overall GPA of 3.5 or higher will be considered for admission.  Applicants who have completed 100 percent of the required core courses who have an overall GPA that is less than 3.5 but a major GPA that is 3.5 or higher are encouraged to send an email to ESS transfer admissions

The most competitive applicants have completed three or more technical courses each term, or have demonstrated the ability to balance a rigorous course load considering their outside obligations or challenges (i.e., full-time employment, parental responsibilities, etc.) In addition to the strongly recommended courses — as outlined on ASSIST — other lower-division courses relevant to the applicant's major are recommended to strengthen one’s application. The personal statements and extracurricular activities are also reviewed for evidence of interest in the student’s chosen major, alignment with the mission of the College of Engineering, and a thoughtful match between the academic program and the student’s academic and career objectives. Test scores and letters of recommendation are not requested as part of the admissions process for transfers.

For additional information about Berkeley’s application and selection process, please see the Be Berkeley transfer brochure from Undergrad Admissions' publications page.