How does Berkeley decide whom to admit?

The campus selects its freshman class through a comprehensive review of each applicant’s academic performance, measured as follows:

  • College preparatory, Advanced Placement (AP), International Baccalaureate Higher Level (IBHL), honors and transferable college courses completed beyond the UC minimum, and the level of achievement in those courses
  • Weighted, uncapped UC GPA and pattern of grades over time
  • Standardized test scores
  • Honors and awards that reflect extraordinary, sustained intellectual or creative achievement
  • Sustained participation in rigorous academic enrichment and outreach programs
  • Planned 12th grade courses

In addition, the review considers:

  • Future contributions to the intellectual and cultural vitality of the campus
  • Diversity in personal background and experience
  • Qualities such as leadership, motivation, concern for others and for the community
  • Non-academic achievements in the performing arts or athletics, employment or leadership

Since we receive far more applications than we can admit, applicants to Berkeley Engineering are also expected to demonstrate interest in their intended major, and they must present an academic profile much stronger than that represented by the minimum admission requirements. Please note that no single attribute or characteristic guarantees the admission of any applicant to Berkeley. For more information on applying, see How Berkeley Selects Students.