Grounds for Science - Exploring quantum materials and black holes

Arielle Little, Department of Physics; Vinay Ramasesh, Department of Physics


6:30pm - 8:00pm

Location: Scarlet City Espresso Bar, Emeryville, CA

Exciting short talks on cutting-edge topics by young researchers at UC Berkeley.

The weird and wonderful world of Quantum Materials - with Arielle Little

Some of the most notable achievements in the study of materials have led to technological breakthroughs which have shaped modern society; take, for example the solid-state transistors which are the foundation for computation. The study of the quantum mechanical properties of crystalline materials, or “hard condensed matter physics”, is a rich playground for fundamental physics.

Exploring the physics of black holes with quantum computers - with Vinay Ramasesh

In recent years a connection has emerged between the physics of information in black holes and the theory of quantum error correction. We are beginning to realize the technology to explore this connection experimentally.

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