Grade point computation

For each unit of credit, the following grade points apply:

Grade Point Grade Point Grade Point
A+, A 4.0 B- 2.7 D+ 1.3
A- 3.7 C+ 2.3 D 1.0
B+ 3.3 C 2.0 D- 0.7
B 3.0 C- 1.7 F 0.0

To compute your grade point average, multiply each unit by the grade points assigned to the grade, as shown above. Then divide the total grade points by the total units undertaken for a letter grade (exclude P/NP, S, U, IP, or I grades). The resulting figure is your grade point average. If you are repeating courses in which you received a grade below C-, please refer to the repetition of courses section for more information.

Only grades earned in courses completed on one of the UC campuses are included in the UC Berkeley grade point computation, with the exception of UC EAP and UC DC, which are also included in your UC Berkeley grade point average. Grades earned in XB courses completed through UC Berkeley Extension and UC Extension Concurrent Enrollment are also included in the UC Berkeley grade point computation. If you have been dismissed, however, XB course and UC Extension Concurrent Enrollment grades will only be calculated into your UC Berkeley grade point average with approval from your Engineering Student Services (ESS) Adviser prior to taking the courses.

Technical grade point average

A 2.0 upper-division technical grade point average is required for graduation. Courses used for the upper-division technical grade point average consist of all upper-division technical courses taken in satisfaction of major requirements (whether passed or not). Use the formula listed above to compute your upper-division technical grade point average.