Engineering seniors promoting a gift to Cal

Senior class gift for Berkeley Engineering


Jessie Qian

Development Associate
308 McLaughlin Hall

Think of your favorite student group, your most admired professor or even one of your closest friends at Berkeley Engineering.

Now consider this: they might not have been here without the financial support from thousands of the college’s generous alumni. In fact, alumni give the college an average of $13 million every year — a lot more than what we pay in fees!

The Senior Class Gift is a way to play a key role in the tradition of giving back. Through the combined participation of you and your classmates, we can help ensure the excellence of Berkeley Engineering for students following in your footsteps, and protect the value of our new degrees.

Most importantly, we’ll send a collective message that we’re proud of all that we’ve accomplished in our time at Berkeley Engineering.

Make your gift today!

Make your gift

How can I make my gift?

Making your Senior Class Gift is super easy:

  • Online: Just fill in the form above 
  • 308 McLaughlin Hall
  • Senior Snack Days and other senior events

How much should I give?

Gifts of all sizes are welcome and appreciated — and will make a big difference for the students following in our footsteps. You can use cash, a check or credit card to make your gift. There are giving reward levels at $25 and $50, and additional raffle prizes for each additional $25 you wish to give. As a senior gift donor, you also get invited to exclusive senior events throughout the year.

Make an impact

How does our gift make an impact on the College of Engineering?

The Berkeley Engineering Fund provides vital, flexible support for the College of Engineering to ensure that students receive a top-notch engineering education with world-class professors and invaluable research opportunities.  Making a gift to this fund is the best way to make a group contribution to the college, so this is why we picked it as the designation for our Senior Class Gift. Any gift of any size makes a very profound difference!

BEF impact: Student programs 37%, Labs and classrooms 15%, Teaching and research 36%, Outreach 12%

Celebrate your success

Keep an eye out for invitations to upcoming seniors-only events!

Join our committee

The Berkeley Engineering Senior Class Committee is a group of dedicated seniors from all over the college who help to build cohesiveness and pride among the senior class through planning seniors-only events and propelling the Senior Class Gift. Members of the Senior Class Committee gain valuable professional experience in fundraising, marketing, and event planning. If you are interested in joining, please email us at and we’ll be happy to fill you in on all the details.