Commencement special seating request

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Special seating request
Please submit one form for each person in your party that requires special seating.
Please provide a brief description, eg., uses wheelchair, can't climb stairs, blind, requires assisted listening device, etc.
Please note: In order to accommodate all special seating requests, we can only seat one companion per disabled guest in the special seating area.

By filling out this form, you are making a request for special seating only. Regardless of a special seating request, your disabled guest and their companion are required to have a general admission ticket for entry into the Greek Theatre. Tickets are distributed via the Cal Performances Ticket Office.

 Greek Theatre Special Seating Policies & Information

  • Your disabled guest will be provided 1 space for themselves and 1 seat for a companion.  
  • Special seating is for people who cannot physically manage stairs due to mobility impairments, have a disability that would make egress in the event of an emergency unsafe, or have a service animal that needs adequate space to perform its duties.
  • By filling out this form, please be aware that you are not reserving specific seats. The purpose of this form is to inform the Greek Theatre staff of how many people will need special seating in order to set aside adequate space to accommodate persons with disabilities and their companion. Seating locations are not "reserved".  Guests may be placed in any special seating location by Greek Theatre staff where space is available on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • The North Gate entrance is wheelchair accessible with a ramp that leads up to the entrance gate. Parties that need special seating arrangements are encouraged to arrive as early as one hour prior to the ceremony start time, so as to avoid crowds, and have the best selection for seating.
  • There is no elevator at the Greek Theatre.
  • The Greek Theatre does not provide wheelchairs to the public. 
  • The Greek Theatre does not provide or guarantee any shaded or padded seating.
  • All special seats are outdoors and subject to weather conditions.  Hats, cold water, and seat cushions are suggested.
  • The staff at the Greek Theatre will do their best to accommodate everyone's needs for special seating.

Disabled Parking

There is a curbside drop-off area on Gayley Road just north of the Greek Theatre entrance for passengers with mobility challenges who prefer to minimize the travel distance to the Greek Theatre. We recommend that your guest(s) be dropped off with their companion in front of the Greek Theatre on the north side while someone in your party parks the car in one of the available commencement parking areas. All designated disabled spaces and non-reserved spaces will be available at $10 to disabled patrons with certified disabled placards or license plates on a first-come, first-served basis. For information on available parking lots during commencement please visit the Parking & Transportation Commencement Ceremonies page. 

If you still have questions regarding special seating at the Greek Theatre after reviewing the above information, please email