Commencement staff job descriptions

Back Stage Staff Check-In (all day positions begins at 6:30 a.m.)

Setup volunteer check-in table, check in student workers and staff.

Leader: Maxwell Field (all day position begins at 6:30 a.m.)

Keep everyone informed of timing, oversees materials delivered and set up on Maxwell Field by Moving Services. Starts procession when given cue by Event Manager.

Assistant: Maxwell Family Field-Department/Degree Procession

Coordinate with Field Leader. Instruct students to line up by department and complete card. Walks students into the Greek - hands them off to the Procession Assistant.

Backstage Department Ph.D. and Faculty Assistant (A.M. Only)

Give department flag to the first student in the line of each department. Line up students to THE LEFT of their faculty hooder and faculty is holding the hoods. Ensure students have completed a card.

Maxwell Field Supply Table

Setup supplies (cards, pencils, tassels, bobby pins, sunblock, etc.); hand out cards to students as needed.

On Stage Marshal: Seating and Procession Leader

Ensure chair count on stage is correct; programs/names on chairs, scrolls are moved and replenished as needed, table/florals placed and re-set. Direct stage party to seats and staff for collection of cards.

Stage Door Assistant

Alert stage marshals to change in dept. when name reading begins. Direct graduates back to seats after crossing the stage and having photos taken.

Leader: Graduate Procession and Seating

Manage graduate seating area, volunteers, and student workers. Verify row count and open seating, department signage, and programs on grad chairs. Manage graduate procession into the pit, the collection of flags, and handing out of laminate signs.

Assistant: Graduate Procession and Seating

Bring students from south entrance and/or backstage into the seating area, direct grads to seats during the procession, to stage for scroll and back to seats.

Programs — north gate entrance

Move boxes of programs to entry gate, hand out programs as directed. (Moderate lifting required.)

Parking Supervisor (all day position begins at 6:30 a.m.)

Manage VIP, vendor and staff parking list. Direct general audience guests to other parking areas.