Catherine Bouvier Dang

Catherine Bouvier DangCatherine Bouvier Dang
Civil Engineering; Mechanical Engineering last name S-T


Where did you go to college?
I am a Cal bear through and through! Go Bears!

How long have you been with the College of Engineering?
I worked in the EECS department as a graduate admissions coordinator from 2014-2015. I have just returned as an ESS Adviser in October 2018.

What advice do you have for students?
Berkeley can be a hard place to navigate if you don't actively seek out community and resources, do the work, and push yourself out of your comfort zone. Therefore, my advice is: stay curious, ask questions,see failure as a step to success, try things you wouldn't normally try, talk to people you wouldn't normally talk to, seek out help when you need it, go to office hours/tutoring/study groups, and don't forget to sleep/eat/shower/take care of yourself/take a break while you strive towards your personal and academic goals. I know that's a lot of advice...but just know that you belong here and you have plenty of people (including me) who are here for you and want you to have a successful and meaningful journey!

What is the most unusual job you’ve had?
In college, I was a test subject for the Optometry clinic on campus. This one time, I had to sleep with contacts on a random office floor in Minor hall overnight. It's probably the easiest $60 I ever made!

What are your favorite TV Shows?
There are so many! Game of Thrones, Blue Bloods, Madam Secretary, The West Wing, New Girl, Dear White People, Firefly, Ballers, Empire, Suits, HIMYM, Happy Endings, and of course, This is Us. 

What is your favorite song, band or type of music?
As a French Canadian, it would be wrong to not include Celine Dion (I have seen her Vegas show twice!). I also like a variety of other music such as: Alicia Keys, Gavin Degraw, 90s and 00s pop, Aloe Blacc, Eric Hutchinson, Whitney Houston, Charlie Puth, Bruno Mars, Mariah Carey, and most things on 97.3.