ITS grad students receive Eisenhower fellowships

Frank Proulx, Jesus Barajas and Lisa Rayle

8/29/2014 - Three Institute of Transportation Studies graduate students, Frank Proulx, Jesus Barajas and Lisa Rayle, have won coveted 2014 Dwight David Eisenhower Graduate Fellowships for their research in transportation planning.

Last-minute mergers endanger drivers, worsen traffic jams

Drivers merging in heavy fraffic

8/28/2014 San Francisco Chronicle - The "jerk merge," where drivers cut into a traffic lane at the last possible moment, is "probably the most disruptive to traffic" and should be a target of police action, says Michael Cassidy, professor of civil and environmental engineering.

Scholars on scooters

Thumbnail of video: CE 186: cyber-physical systems

8/13/2014 - Students zip around campus on electric scooters while learning about energy, transportation and vehicle-to-grid systems in a new civil engineering class.

Delays persist for U.S. high-speed rail

Acela train in Amtrak's Northeast Corridor

8/6/2014 New York Times - Despite enormous U.S. investments in high-speed rail projects since 2009, little progress has been made. Civil engineering professor C. William Ibbs explains why that might be .

More woes for high-speed rail

Drawing of high-speed rail train

3/31/2014 San Francisco Business Times - The $68 billion cost estimate for a Los Angeles-to-San Francisco high-speed rail network is far too low, and the system may be eclipsed by emerging technologies before the 30-year project is completed, civil engineering professor C. William Ibbs warned the state Senate transportation committee last week.

What does an ‘energy transition’ look like?

Tuxi test car, a Tesla Model S sedan

2/27/2014 National Geographic - On National Geographic's Great Energy Challenge blog, Daniel Kammen, professor of energy and society at Berkeley Engineering, talks about first-hand experience with the kind of dramatic transition to a clean-energy economy that he studies as director of the Renewable and Appropriate Energy Laboratory.

Electric cars go cross-country

 Tesla Team at the New York City finish line

2/10/2014 Berkeley Energy & Resources Collaborative - Santiago Miret, a Ph.D. student in materials science and engineering, writes about range anxiety by electric vehicle owners, and how it has prompted a pair of recent coast-to-coast road trips by drivers of the Tesla Model S.

Mind the gap

London Tube-style map of UC Berkeley

5/1/2013 ITS graduate student Dan Howard re-envisioned the Berkeley campus in the style of the iconic London Underground map.

Connected Corridors aims to boost efficiency of existing roads

3/18/2013 Berkeley Research - Connected Corridors, a project led by engineering professors Alex Bayen and Roberto Horowitz, is developing technologies to help Caltrans gather and analyze traffic data. A goal of the research: to make existing roadways more efficient, rather than launching new highway-construction projects.

Berkeley's exoskeletons a 'Miracle of Nature'

12/3/2012 BBC One - The new BBC show "Miracles of Nature," hosted by Richard Hammond, filmed a recent episode at Berkeley's Etcheverry Hall, where the crew explored the medical exoskeleton system being developed by mechanical engineering professor Homayoon Kazerooni and his graduate students.