Aging wooden bridge needs all the support it can get

Albion River Bridge

3/23/2015 New York Times - Structural engineering professor Abolhassan Astaneh-Asl has been hired as a consultant on a fight by local residents to save the Albion River Bridge — California's last wooden bridge on a coastal highway.

The impact of falling oil prices on your wallet

Oil barrels

1/5/2015 WalletHub - In a recent Ask the Experts column, Robert Bea, professor emeritus of civil and environmental engineering, discusses the precipitous drop in oil prices and its likely effect on the economy.

Air pollution down thanks to California’s regulation of diesel trucks

Heavy truck entering the Caldecott Tunnel

12/11/2014 Berkeley Lab - Detailed measurement of emissions from thousands of heavy trucks in the Bay Area by Berkeley Lab air quality scientists, led by adjunct professor Thomas Kirchstetter and professor Rob Harley, both of civil and environmental engineering, showed a dramatic reduction in pollutants in the wake of aggressive new regulations implemented by the California Air Resources Board.

Self-driven to solve transportation problems

Karl Hedrick

11/21/2014 San Jose Mercury News - Mechanical engineering professor Karl Hedrick, director of Berkeley's Vehicle Dynamics Laboratory, has spent decades researching the nonlinear control systems that set the foundation for today's smart cars.

The unknown start-up that built Google’s first self-driving car

Robotized Prius built by 510 Systems

11/20/2014 IEEE Spectrum - The story behind Google’s innovative self-driving car and the revolutionary Street View camera technology that preceded begins with 510 Systems, a tiny Berkeley start-up launched by IEOR grad (and later Google engineer) Anthony Levandowski and fellow Berkeley Engineering student Bryon Majusiak.

Supercharging more electric cars risks crashing the grid

Electric car recharging station

11/4/2014 California magazine - U.S. electrical grids might not be ready for the new wave of electric vehicles expected within the decade. But the Smart Cities Research Center in civil and environmental engineering is working on data-driven ways to prevent a grid meltdown.

Bullet train just a blur in California governor's race

Proposed high-speed rail station

10/28/2014 Los Angeles Times - Civil engineering professor Robert Bea, a pioneering expert in the field of risk analysis, comments on the relatively small role California's bullet train is playing in the state's gubernatorial election, and how that could become a problem down the line.

PEER issues preliminary report on Napa quake

Collapsed barrel racks at Napa winery

9/22/2014 Pacific Earthquake Engineering Research Center - PEER has published a preliminary report on the Aug. 24 South Napa earthquake, drawing on the extensive observations of faculty, staff and students who were deployed to the region in the days following the magnitude 6.0 quake.

What could collapse the Golden Gate Bridge?

Golden Gate Bridge

9/19/2014 KALW - At the movies, the Golden Gate Bridge has been leveled by earthquakes, apes, even a mega-shark. But how would the iconic span fare in more realistic disaster scenarios? Civil engineering professor Abolhassan Astaneh-Asl helps KALW radio figure it out.