How the daily commute is going to change

Traffic jam

4/25/2016 Wall Street Journal - Susan Shaheen, a researcher at the Transportation Sustainability Research Center at UC Berkeley, says ride-sharing carpool services being developed by Uber and Lyft could help fix some of the "first-mile, last-mile" issues with U.S. transportation grids, providing shorter trips to and from public transportation systems.

Automakers go back to school for self-driving cars

Inside a self-driving car

3/16/2016 Bloomberg Business - Automakers Ford, Toyota and Volkswagen, along with electronic companies Nvidia, Samsung, Qualcomm and Panasonic, are collaborating to fund artificial intelligence research at UC Berkeley, hoping this DeepDrive alliance can help them build the brains behind self-driving cars.

The road to sustainability

CNBC's James Wright and CEE professor Arpad Horvath at Sather Gate

1/27/2016 CNBC - In a new video series on sustainable energy, civil and environmental engineering professor Arpad Horvath compares the environmental footprints of emerging transportation technologies, from biofuels and high-speed rail to maritime shipping and aviation.

Still no flying cars? The future of transit promises something even better

Self-steering bus in Portland, Oregon.

11/6/2015 The Guardian - EECS professor Alexandre Bayen, director of the Institute for Transportation Studies, joins other transportation experts in discussing navigation and booking apps, driverless cars and automated buses, and other ways that technology promises to revolutionize the transportation industry.

Transit trends

11/1/2015 While not known for fast responses to the market, automakers are now making modifications to suit the sharing economy, which is growing by 35 percent a year. If only they could do something about poor driving practices, most notably, the jerk merge.

Ride-sharing forces automakers to rethink how they sell cars

Relay Rides car sharing and rental

6/30/2015 Los Angeles Times - Every vehicle that goes into a full-time car-sharing service, such as short-time rental company Zipcar, supplants four to six new car sales and postpones the purchase of up to seven more, says Susan Shaheen, a transportation sustainability researcher and adjunct professor of civil and environmental engineering.

Why do buses always come in bunches?

London buses

6/17/2015 CityMetric - Lewis Lehe, a transport engineering Ph.D. candidate, has built a game of sorts to demonstrate the math behind the unfortunate truth that city buses serving the same route tend to arrive in clumps, one right behind the other.

Smart scooter

5/1/2015 Modified Razor scooters are used in a cyber-physical system design course to how electric vehicles interface with the energy grid.

UC grad students deliver solutions, startups

André Carrel

4/24/2015 University of California - Grad students from across the UC system will descend on Sacramento April 28 for Graduate Research Advocacy Day. Among them will be Berkeley civil engineering grad student André Carrel, who is studying how bus service reliability affects ridership.