A lesson of Tesla crashes? Computer vision can’t do it all yet

Jitendra Malik of UC Berkeley and Fei-Fei Li of Stanford

9/21/2016 New York Times - EECS department chair Jitendra Malik, a researcher in computer vision for three decades, doesn’t own a Tesla, but he has advice for people who do. “Knowing what I know about computer vision,,” he said, “I wouldn’t take my hands off the steering wheel.”

SF, UC Berkeley to continue collaborating on 'smart cities'

Bikes, streetcars, buses and more vehicles on a San Francisco street

9/9/2016 - This year’s bid by San Francisco and UC Berkeley failed to win the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Smart City Challenge, but the city and university have agreed to continue to jointly explore innovative urban transportation options, and ways that technology can improve city life in general.

Uber Is betting we'll see driverless 18-wheelers before taxis

Otto self-driving truck on highway test run

9/8/2016 MIT Technology Review - With its acquisition of self-driving truck startup Otto, Uber is hoping for a shortcut in the race to profit from driverless vehicles. But research engineer Steven Shladover of Berkeley's California Partners for Advanced Transportation Technology Program (PATH) sees challenges — real and perceived — in putting 40-ton trucks on the road with only software behind the wheel.

Whooshing into the future

Sketch of bLoop's hyperloop pod model

6/21/2016 California magazine - Aiming to make speed-of-sound commutes a reality, the bLoop team, made up of 40 UC Berkeley students and faculty, is heading into the final round of the hyperloop competition sponsored by Elon Musk's SpaceX company.

On the road to driverless cars

Artist's concept of driverless vehicles easing traffic along I-80

5/24/2016 Berkeley Science Review - How Berkeley research, including foundational work by PATH plus recent advances in engineering and computer science, is fundamental to industry progress on automated transportation.

San Francisco, UC Berkeley team up to tackle transit challenges

Susan Shaheen speaking at the Smart City Challenge kickoff

5/5/2016 - UC Berkeley transportation researchers joined San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee in inviting the region’s tech companies to join the Smart City Challenge, a Department of Transportation competition that could bring $40 million to the city and UC Berkeley to create the nation’s first smart transportation network.

Learning to levitate

Diagram of Berkeley Hyperloop prototype, showing air bearings, safety features, signals and controls.

5/1/2016 This August, the Berkeley Hyperloop (bLoop) team will shoot its transportation pod down a test track at high speeds for a design competition. But first, the team of 40 students must make their Hyperloop pod levitate.