CalSol finishes 1st at Formula Sun Grand Prix

Victorious CalSol team members surround their car, Zephyr, at the track in Austin, Texas.

8/17/2017 Daily Californian - The CalSol student team has won the Formula Sun Grand Prix, an annual solar vehicle track race for college teams from around the nation. CalSol’s four-year-old Zephyr took first place in the July race in Austin, TX, completing 228 laps with zero penalties.

I-Corps supports entrepreneurs building STEM companies

Fleet of electric cars

7/13/2017 - The regional I-Corps program, an NSF-funded collaboration among UC Berkeley, UCSF and Stanford, teaches committed entrepreneurs from STEM disciplines to take a hard look at their ideas and turn them into real, sought-after products in the market.

Avideh Zakhor: the brains behind Google Earth and Street View

Avideh Zakhor

5/26/2017 Mercury News - EECS professor Avideh Zakhor, inventor of the 3-D modeling technology underlying Google Earth and Street View, is now turning her attention indoors. Her new startup — Indoor Reality — aims to create virtual reality and augmented reality technology for the mapping of building interiors.

A superfast lane for self-driving cars?

Sketch of Hyperlane concept

3/22/2017 Fortune - Imagine a future where self-driving cars zip beside interstates at 120 mph, with absolutely zero congestion. That future could exist as soon as 2050, according to grad students Baiyu Chen (B.S.'14 CEE, M.S.'15 CEE, M.S.'17 EECS) and Anthony Barrs, whose Hyperlane idea was awarded top prize and $50,000 at the Infrastructure Vision 2050 Challenge.

ME professor Karl Hedrick dies at 72

Karl Hedrick

2/27/2017 - J. Karl Hedrick, the James Marshall Wells Academic Chair and Professor of Mechanical Engineering, passed away on February 22 after a long battle with lung cancer. He was an expert on nonlinear control theory and its applications to transportation. See also the Daily Cal's obituary for Prof. Hedrick.

Hashtagging the way to safer infrastructure

Thumbnail of video: Smart Infrastructure and Construction

11/29/2016 - Civil and environmental engineering professor Kenichi Soga delivered a CITRIS talk about using social media and sensor-laden environments to build smart infrastructure.

Nobel (bike) parking

Sign for Nobel laureate bike parking space

11/1/2016 Reserved parking for Nobel laureates won’t be limited to cars anymore. New, gold-colored bike racks were installed just outside of the Free Speech Café in recognition of Berkeley’s contributions to the 2007 Nobel-prize winning International Panel on Climate Change.

Green cities

Plants growing on high-rise building

11/1/2016 The majority of the world’s population is projected to live in cities by the year 2050. Although cities are considered strains the environment, nuclear engineering professor Daniel Kammen see the potential for cities to be models of sustainability.

Berkeley team recognized for autonomous car research

Berkeley research team and their autonomous car

10/5/2016 - ME professors Francesco Borrelli and Karl Hedrick, Ph.D. student Ashwin Carvalho, and Associate Director for Self-Driving Vehicle Development Chan Kyu Lee were in attendance for the U.S. Department of Transportation’s announcement of a new policy on Automated Vehicle Development.