How car sharing is evolving the transportation landscape

Screenshot from Getaround app

3/28/2018 - Peer-to-peer car-sharing services have encouraged a small number of their members to ditch car ownership, according to a first-of-its-kind study of from the UC Berkeley Transportation Sustainability Research Center.

The perfect selfishness of mapping apps

Traffic jam on a Los Angeles freeway

3/15/2018 The Atlantic - Popular mapping and routing apps may make overall traffic conditions worse in some areas, new research by Alexandre Bayen and the Institute of Transportation Studies suggests.

Why traffic apps make congestion worse

Thumbnail of video: The Impact of Routing Apps on Traffic: Alexandre Bayen

1/30/2018 - Has your smartphone traffic app ever led you into a traffic jam? Professor and traffic engineer Alexandre Bayen, director of UC Berkeley’s Institute of Transportation Studies, is working on smarter apps that will actually talk to one another to prevent clogged freeways and city streets.

Radical new battery technology for a $130,000 electric sedan

Fisker EMotion car

1/12/2018 LA Times - Solid-state automotive batteries, like those being designed for Fisker Inc.'s all-electric EMotion supercar, will eventually exist, says materials science and engineering professor Gerbrand Ceder, but “it’s not going to happen as fast as people think.”

Are we going too fast on driverless cars?

Illustration of autonomous vehicle situation on city street

12/14/2017 Science - Automakers, high-tech companies and politicians are solidly behind self-driving cars and trucks as a sure path to a better, more mobile society. But research on the social, economic and environmental effects of autonomous vehicles is sparse — something Berkeley transportation engineers are seeking to remedy.

Case studies in forward thinking

11/1/2017 Nine Berkeley Engineering faculty members share some of their forward-looking work and how it might impact what’s to come.

13.5-mile tunnel will make or break California's bullet train

High-speer rail demo outside the Capitol in Sacramento

10/23/2017 LA Times - A critical part of California's high-speed rail project is a 13.5-mile tunnel through the Diablo Range — a landmark project whose costs may greatly exceed initial expectations. "This is not good news for taxpayers of California," says civil engineering professor William Ibbs, who has consulted on similar rail projects around the world.

École Polytechnique and Berkeley partner for new transportation program

New École Polytechnique and the Institute of Transportation Studies agreement

10/11/2017 - École Polytechnique and the Institute of Transportation Studies have signed a new partnership agreement for the new École Polytechnique’s Executive Master degree program. The new program will train transportation leaders to design, deploy and manage strategies and projects for companies and organizations that have an international focus.

IndyCar driver Max Chilton spreads the gospel of STEAM

Max Chilton with Berkeley Formula SAE students and their car

9/15/2017 IndyCar - Speaking to a spirited group of students of all ages at Berkeley, IndyCar driver Max Chilton spread the word on the importance of STEAM — science, technology, engineering, arts and math — to successfully educate the leaders of tomorrow.