Autonomous vehicles: The answer to our traffic woes


8/28/2019 Wired - Berkeley Engineering's Alexandre Bayen and Liao-Cho are studying the impact that autonomous vehicles can have on traffic flow. And, their findings suggest that self-driving cars can help alleviate traffic.

Shifting gears

Nighttime traffic on U.S. Highway 101 south of San Francisco

5/1/2019 The integration of self-driving vehicles requires policy decisions that consider how travel behavior will shift with the introduction of new mobility choices.

Going with the Flow

5/1/2019 Researchers have developed a machine-learning tool to manage traffic where autonomous, partially-automated and manual vehicles share the road.

Watch just a few self-driving cars stop traffic jams

Traffic on freeway interchange

11/19/2018 Science - Anyone can start a traffic jam — just by tapping the brakes. Now, scientists at Berkeley have shown that a few self-driving cars can prevent such jams — and in some cases double the average speed of surrounding vehicles.

Turning cars into robot traffic managers

Thumbnail of video: Alex Bayen introduces Flow

10/29/2018 - Berkeley transportation researchers are addressing the emerging era of smart vehicles with a project that uses machine learning to manage traffic where autonomous, semi-autonomous and manned vehicles share the road. They presented their project, called Flow, at the Conference on Robotic Learning.

Download the world's largest self-driving dataset

Roadway image showing bounding boxes over objects of note, like cars and traffic signals

6/7/2018 Interesting Engineering - The Berkeley DeepDrive Industry Consortium has released an open-source dataset of 100,000 self-driving video sequences — largest of its kind — to the public in hopes of helping engineers develop autonomous vehicles.

Solar cruiser

6/1/2018 Berkeley’s CalSol team designed a new solar-powered vehicle that can hold four passengers.

Why some cities have had enough of Waze

Waze navigation app on a cellphone

5/7/2018 US News & World Report - Start-up-turned-tech-giant Waze solves traffic problems for some users, but creates challenges for others by overwhelming local streets. "There's nothing inherently wrong with routing apps, but the problem is overuse," says Alexandre Bayen, director of Berkeley's Institute of Transportation Studies.

Where are all the driverless cars?

Self-driving car being tested

4/4/2018 Car Connection - Firms testing self-driving cars have slowed their programs, and did not beat a path to the door of the California DMV, which on April 2 was to begin issuing permits for testing on the state's roads. Berkeley transportation engineer Steve Shladover says that's because those companies are still trying to work out some challenging wrinkles.