Robotics & AI

Watch just a few self-driving cars stop traffic jams

Traffic on freeway interchange

11/19/2018 Science - Anyone can start a traffic jam — just by tapping the brakes. Now, scientists at Berkeley have shown that a few self-driving cars can prevent such jams — and in some cases double the average speed of surrounding vehicles.

Fighting fake news

Doctored photo of shark on a Houston highway

11/14/2018 Berkeley students have created SurfSafe, a machine learning tool that identifies when an online photo has been doctored.

Turning cars into robot traffic managers

Thumbnail of video: Alex Bayen introduces Flow

10/29/2018 - Berkeley transportation researchers are addressing the emerging era of smart vehicles with a project that uses machine learning to manage traffic where autonomous, semi-autonomous and manned vehicles share the road. They presented their project, called Flow, at the Conference on Robotic Learning.

As companies embrace AI, it's a job-seeker's market

Computer science students waiting to enter a job fair at UC Berkeley

10/16/2018 Reuters - With artificial intelligence expanding into ever more applications, the number of students trained in AI hasn't kept pace with the demand for workers — a mismatch reflected at a recent UC Berkeley career fair.

AI may not be bad news for workers

Cartoon of worker relaxing at desk while computer does work.

9/14/2018 The Economist - Countering fears that artificial intelligence will eliminate millions of jobs, a new report co-authored by Berkeley Engineering roboticist Ken Goldberg says AI may instead enhance job satisfaction for ordinary workers by taking over mundane tasks.

AI-altered video makes it look like you can dance

Thumbnail of video: Everybody Dance Now

8/27/2018 Engadget - Experimenting with deep learning systems, a team of Berkeley computer science researchers is using artificial intelligence to make dancers look more skillful. The project uses algorithms to pass dance moves via video from a skilled dancer to a virtual skeleton to an amateur subject.

How robot hands are evolving

Dactyl robot hand

7/30/2018 New York Times - Drawing on the latest in machine learning, Autolab and BAIR Lab researchers are developing robots that can pick up or move all manner of objects, and even learn to make a bed.

Download the world's largest self-driving dataset

Roadway image showing bounding boxes over objects of note, like cars and traffic signals

6/7/2018 Interesting Engineering - The Berkeley DeepDrive Industry Consortium has released an open-source dataset of 100,000 self-driving video sequences — largest of its kind — to the public in hopes of helping engineers develop autonomous vehicles.

Robot's play

6/1/2018 Robots can manipulate objects they have never encountered before by building on previous play and observations.