New technique could speed synthesis of DNA

Sebastian Palluk and Daniel Arlow in a lab at the Joint BioEnergy Institute

6/18/2018 - A team of scientists in chemical and biomolecular engineering professor Jay Keasling's lab has made a breakthrough in the synthesis of new genes, offering promise for cheaper, faster and safer development of medicines.

Download the world's largest self-driving dataset

Roadway image showing bounding boxes over objects of note, like cars and traffic signals

6/7/2018 Interesting Engineering - The Berkeley DeepDrive Industry Consortium has released an open-source dataset of 100,000 self-driving video sequences — largest of its kind — to the public in hopes of helping engineers develop autonomous vehicles.

Solar power windows

6/1/2018 Researchers have created windows that automatically darken to block heat while also generating electricity.

'Invisible' displays

6/1/2018 A new development in LED technology may lead to “invisible” or vanishing displays.

Curing diseases with CRISPR

6/1/2018 Berkeley engineers are using CRISPR-Cas9 technology to advance cures for ALS and Duchenne muscular dystrophy.

How to interact with robots

Small drone flying in a lab

5/4/2018 Wired - EECS professor Anca Dragan discusses one of the big challenges in her field of human-robot interaction: getting robots to anticipate human behavior. “It's not enough to know what people are currently doing. They need to know what's going to happen in the future.”

The HAB project: A platform for space research

Thumbnail of video: High Altitude Balloon Launch I

4/30/2018 - The student group Space Technologies at Cal is developing a balloon-based platform for near-space research. They recently launched a high-altitude balloon from Memorial Glade.