Public policy

Scarred by attack, student entrepreneurs fight global terror

Archer team members Anjali Banerjee, Tyler Heintz and Alice Ma at Caffe Strada

4/30/2018 - In the wake of the 2016 terrorist attack in Nice, France, that claimed the life of a classmate, Berkeley students in the European Innovation Academy technology entrepreneurship program have embarked on a new mission — fighting global terrorism through startups that are gaining traction far beyond campus.

When geneticists talk sloppily about race

Five babies of different races in a row

4/30/2018 The Atlantic - Bioengineering professor Ian Holmes writes about how a geneticist’s recent op-ed in The New York Times caused controversy when it used sloppy language to talk about the tricky relationship between race and genetics research.

AI: The revolution hasn’t happened yet

Michael Jordan

4/25/2018 Medium - EECS and statistics professor Michael Jordan writes about the opportunity and imperative of developing a "human-centric engineering discipline" to address the ethical concerns of artificial intelligence.

Cryptocurrencies come to campus

 Students in a cryptocurrency course at New York University

2/9/2018 New York Times - UC Berkeley is one of several institutions rushing to add courses about Bitcoin, blockchain and other elements of virtual currency to the curriculum. EECS professor Dawn Song is co-teaching one such course to a standing-room-only audience of engineering, business and law students.

Keeping watch on nuclear weapons

Bethany Goldblum at Berkeley Lab.

1/22/2018 - With her hand in a few different research projects, ranging from nuclear weapons detection to war-game simulations on social media, Bethany Goldblum also finds time to direct and establish groups whose aim is to shape nuclear security policy.

Fight sexual harassment in tech — with technology

Harvey Weinstein

12/14/2017 Mercury News - In a commentary piece, CITRIS post-doc Brandie Nonnecke reports on two novel ways that women-led Bay Area startups are using technology to address gender-based discrimination and harassment in the tech sector.

Bot-spotting college kids, doing what Twitter won't

Ash Bhat and Rohan Phadte

11/1/2017 Wired - Berkeley computer science undergrads Ash Bhat and Rohan Phadte are doing what they say Twitter won’t: sorting out and tagging the angry propaganda bots designed to undermine, destabilize and inflame American political discourse.

Fresh ideas for nuclear power

Bootcamp participants at California Memorial Stadium.

8/24/2017 - Two dozen students from all over the world gathered at Berkeley for two weeks over the summer to discuss, plan and help start building a new nuclear energy sector. The students, along with professional mentors and speakers, were part of the 2017 Nuclear Innovation Bootcamp.