Nuclear engineering

A single dose for good measure

Rebecca Abergel

9/13/2019 Berkeley Lab - Nuclear engineering professor Rebecca Abergel and her colleagues at Berkeley Lab have developed a new pill to treat radiation poisoning. The pill could also double as an anti-gadolinium-toxicity pill for MRI patients injected with a commonly-used contrast dye.

Students make neutrons dance beneath campus


9/11/2019 - In an underground vault enclosed by six-foot-thick concrete walls, nuclear engineering students are making neutrons dance to a new tune: one better suited to producing isotopes for geological dating, forensics, diagnostics and medical treatment.

A faster technique to purify elements


6/4/2019 Berkeley Lab - Thanks to a new chemical separation method developed by nuclear engineering professor Rebecca Abergel, researchers now have a better way to attain actinium-225, a promising therapeutic isotope for cancer treatment.

Berkeley Engineers off to change the world

Commencement 2019

5/22/2019 - At two rainy commencement ceremonies, speakers called on graduates to draw on their Berkeley Engineering education to promote equity as well as innovation.

Bringing out the science of war games

Demo of SIGNAL, a new multi-player computer game

5/7/2019 - A first-of-its-kind online game is poised to revolutionize the field of war-gaming. This new multi-player computer game was custom-built to explore deterrence and decision-making in an escalating conflict.

The science of war games

Collage of photos of participants playing war game

5/1/2019 Researchers have built an online, multi-player video game to explore how nuclear weapons influence decision making in a conflict.

Algorithm provides early warning system for groundwater contamination

Aerial view of cleanup project at Savannah River Site

8/30/2018 Berkeley Lab - National laboratory researchers led by Berkeley Lab's Haruko Wainwright, a new associate adjunct professor of nuclear engineering at UC Berkeley, have developed a low-cost method for real-time monitoring of groundwater pollutants using commonly available sensors.

Green energy is gold for California, U.S.

Workers installing solar panels on a roof

8/22/2018 San Francisco Chronicle - In an op-ed column, energy researcher Dan Kammen writes about why he believes California should — and ultimately will — pass into law the “bold goal” of 100 percent clean, zero-carbon electricity by 2045.

From cyclotrons to wetsuits

8/10/2018 Daily Californian - In a special issue marking UC Berkeley's 150th anniversary, a review of the campus's history of scientific endeavors features Berkeley Engineering figures in a variety of prominent roles, including Vice Chancellor for Research (and EECS professor) Randy Katz.

90 years of unmatched nuclear innovation

Daily Cal illustration of students wearing shirts featuring nuclear elements discovered at Berkeley

8/10/2018 Daily Californian - In an op-ed, nuclear engineering professor and chair Peter Hosemann and researcher Alan Bolind recount UC Berkeley's phenomenal legacy in nuclear engineering research.