Mechanical engineering

Adding touch to virtual and augmented reality

piezoelectric patch

7/15/2019 - Today’s augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR) technologies simulate a vivid interactive experience by altering the scene users see and the sounds they hear. But what if users could also feel their way through an experience? A new flexible, wearable device developed by Berkeley Engineering researchers could someday make this a reality.

Berkeley professors named innovators under 35

6/25/2019 - Two Berkeley Engineering professors — mechanical engineering’s Grace Gu and EECS’ Raluca Ada Popa — were included in MIT Technology Review’s list of “innovators under 35” today. This honor is given annually to technologists whose work has great potential to change the world

Cassie Cal makes campus moves on hovershoes

Cassie Cal

6/12/2019 TechXplore - A new video by the Hybrid Robotics Group shows bipedal robot Cassie Cal riding in hovershoes down a few stairs, on uneven outdoor terrain, up and down steep inclines and leaning into a turn to navigate corners.

Are we on the cusp of frictionless mechanical systems?

Casimir effect

6/6/2019 - Machines often require expensive maintenance or replacement because the physical contact of their moving parts creates friction that wears these components down. Now, Berkeley engineers have developed a novel approach to eliminate friction in mechanical systems.

New hydrogen fuel catalyst

5/1/2019 Engineers used gelatin to create a hydrogen fuel catalyst that works just as efficiently as platinum but at a much lower cost.

Heat-powered hat

Heat-powered hat

5/1/2019 Berkeley students have created WeLumen8, a baseball cap with built-in LED lights powered by human heat.

Going to extremes

5/1/2019 Researchers have developed a thermal regulator that improves the performance of lithium-ion batteries in extreme temperatures.

New 3D printer

ME grad student Hossein Heidari watches 3D printer creating a miniature of

5/1/2019 A new 3D printer uses light to shape solid objects out of a viscous liquid in a matter of minutes.