Mechanical engineering

Jiggly Jell-O makes powerful new hydrogen fuel catalyst

Illustration of metal carbides sparking a reaction that splits water into oxygen and valuable hydrogen gas

12/13/2018 - A cheap and effective gelatin-based catalyst, developed by mechanical engineering professor Liwei Lin and his Berkeley research team, can generate hydrogen fuel from water just as efficiently as platinum, the far more expensive current standard.

Better breast cancer screening

Illustration courtesy the researchers

11/14/2018 Using microfluidic technology, researchers can distinguish cells that are central to breast cancer development.

Origami electronics

Magnified image of ciscuits printed on flexible mesh

11/14/2018 Scientists have fabricated electronic switches and sensors directly onto paper, where folding it can switch circuits on and off.

From waste heat to energy

Illustration showing how waste heat could be used to generate energy

11/14/2018 Researchers have developed a thin-film device that converts waste heat to energy, using pyroelectric energy conversion.

A tiny step into the final frontier

Berkeley undergrads holding examples of their tiny SpinorSats

10/15/2018 Medium - Six undergrad engineers are developing "SpinorSats" — each less than 10 grams, about the size of an Apple Watch — that they hope will be the smallest maneuverable satellites in space.

In Chang-Lin Tien, a leader to emulate

Chancellor Tien, with his provost, Carol Christ, at a Charter Day celebration on the Sproul steps

10/3/2018 - Chancellor Carol Christ reflects back on the legacy of Chang-Lien Tien, her predecessor and mentor, professor of mechanical engineering, builder of community and "an extraordinary leader."

Ravi Prasher to lead energy technologies at Berkeley Lab

Ravi Prasher

7/19/2018 Berkeley Lab - Ravi Prasher, adjunct professor of mechanical engineering, has been promoted to associate laboratory director for energy technologies at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, where he previously headed the Energy Storage and Distributed Resources Division.