Materials science

Berkeley Engineers off to change the world

Commencement 2019

5/22/2019 - At two rainy commencement ceremonies, speakers called on graduates to draw on their Berkeley Engineering education to promote equity as well as innovation.

Greener days ahead for carbon fuels

Diagram demonstrating recycling carbon dioxide into valuable chemicals through a copper catalyst

12/18/2018 Berkeley Lab - Researchers led by Joel Ager, MSE adjunct professor, have discovered copper's potential as a catalyst for turning carbon dioxide into sustainable chemicals and fuels without wasteful byproducts.

From waste heat to energy

Illustration showing how waste heat could be used to generate energy

11/14/2018 Researchers have developed a thin-film device that converts waste heat to energy, using pyroelectric energy conversion.

Cleaning up contamination

Ting Xu in her lab

11/14/2018 Researchers have learned how to keep proteins active outside of the cell, leading to technology that can soak up chemical pollution.