Industrial engineering

The robot in the cloud

Ken Goldberg

10/27/2014 New York Times - In a conversation with the New York Times' Bits blog, Berkeley Engineering professor, roboticist and new media pioneer Ken Goldberg discusses what he thinks will be one of the great technology breakthroughs of our age: the fusing of robotics and cloud computing.

Brainy, yes, but hardly handy

Robot hand performing a delicate task

9/2/2014 New York Times - Robots won't be able to take on many human roles until they acquire a delicate sense of touch, and that "takes time, and it’s more complicated,” says Ken Goldberg, a roboticist and IEOR professor at Berkeley Engineering. “Humans are really good at this, and they have millions of years of evolution.”

Amplifying California's collective intelligence

California Report Card app

6/11/2014 San Francisco Chronicle - In an op-ed article, Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom and IEOR professor Ken Goldberg write about the California Report Card, a mobile-friendly web-based platform from the CITRIS Data and Democracy Initiative that streamlines and organizes public input for the benefit of policymakers and elected officials.

Students’ energy-efficiency proposal wins ‘Most Innovative’ in DOE competition

Winners of DOE energy efficiency innovation award

3/26/2014 Daily Californian - A team of four Berkeley Engineering undergraduates won “Most Innovative” in one of six categories at the Department of Energy’s Better Buildings Case Competition for its proposal to improve energy efficiency at universities. Members of the Golden EnergTech team were Nanavati Low (IEOR '16), Daniel Tjandra (ChemE '14), Michael Chang (CEE '15) and Grace Vasiknanonte (MSE '16).

Introducing the Dreambox

5/1/2013 Alum Will Drevno and partners created the Dreambox, a vending machine to make 3D printing more accessible.

Making art out of earthquakes

3/26/2013 The Atlantic - Industrial engineering professor and artist Ken Goldberg discusses his latest project – an "Internet-based earthwork" called Bloom, which makes the constant low-level seismic action of the Hayward Fault near campus visible as a dynamic artwork.

White House report provides roadmap for revitalizing U.S. manufacturing

7/17/2012 - The President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology (PCAST) released a report on July 17 that provides a roadmap for revitalizing manufacturing industries in the U.S. The report is a product of the Advanced Manufacturing Partnership (AMP) Steering Committee, whose membership includes leading manufacturing experts from industry and six universities, including the University of California, Berkeley.“For the U.S economy to flourish, America must have a robust manufacturing sector,” said UC Berkeley Chancellor Robert J. Birgeneau. “This report maps out exciting and innovative strategies by each of the university, government and business sectors that can ensure that the U.S. will play a leadership role in advancing manufacturing. We at UC Berkeley are excited by this report and are ready to play an active role in moving forward the report’s recommendations.”

UC Berkeley leads nation in tech CEO graduates

7/5/2012 Network World - The University of California at Berkeley is the number one university for producing U.S. tech industry CEOs. Graduates include Paul Jacobs, CEO and chairman of Qualcomm, who holds three degrees from Berkeley: bachelor's, master's and doctorate degrees in electrical engineering. Another graduate of Berkeley is Paul Otellini, CEO and president of Intel, who holds an MBA from the Haas School of Business, as does Shantanu Narayan, CEO and president of Adobe.

Startup incubator

5/1/2012 UC Berkeley’s new SkyDeck start-up accelerator lets young entrepreneurs skip the borrowed-garbage phase while launching their innovative ventures.

When the car is the driver

2/17/2012 National Public Radio - This week the state of Nevada finalized new rules that will make it possible for robotic self-driving cars to receive their own special driving permits. Do people notice a self-driving car and gawk? "We get a lot of thumbs up," says Berkeley Engineering alum Anthony Levandowski (M.S.'03 IEOR), one of the leaders of Google's self-driving car project. Google's fleet of robotic cars has driven more than 200,000 miles over highways and city streets in California and Nevada.