Industrial engineering

Would you trust a robot surgeon to operate on you?

Ken Goldberg and robot surgery

6/2/2016 IEEE Spectrum - The role of surgeons may change dramatically as more and more surgical tasks are automated within the next 10 years, says Ken Goldberg, a roboticist and professor of industrial engineering who recently programmed a da Vinci surgical robot in his lab to conduct surgical incisions.

Siebel Energy Institute announces new grant winners

Stephen Mahin and Anil Aswani

5/5/2016 Marketwired - The Siebel Engineering Institute has awarded a second set of $50,000 seed grants to teams developing proposals that accelerate energy science research. The fifteen teams include two Berkeley Engineers, structural engineering professor Stephan Mahin (a lead researcher) and IEOR's Anil Aswani.

Life with machine: Robot relationships get real

Rikky Muller

5/1/2016 Three Berkeley professors studying artificial intelligence and robotics are testing how machines and humans come into physical contact, behave independently and interact with one another. The common goal: to create machines with the intelligence to better serve and work with human beings.

Seismic song

Thumbnail of video: UC Berkeley Campanile Light & Music Show (Full Length)

5/1/2015 Sensors lying on the Hayward Fault, which runs under campus, were connected to lights and sounds for a mid-winter public art show.


5/1/2015 This smartphone app makes conference calls more accessible to deaf users by transcribing conversations in real time.

The unknown start-up that built Google’s first self-driving car

Robotized Prius built by 510 Systems

11/20/2014 IEEE Spectrum - The story behind Google’s innovative self-driving car and the revolutionary Street View camera technology that preceded begins with 510 Systems, a tiny Berkeley start-up launched by IEOR grad (and later Google engineer) Anthony Levandowski and fellow Berkeley Engineering student Bryon Majusiak.