USAID is incubating start-ups to tackle poverty problems

Yashraj Khaitan, left, and Jacob Dickinson, co-founders of Gram Power, stand next to several solar panels in India

9/17/2014 Los Angeles Times - Seeking entrepreneurial solutions to poverty, the US Agency for International Development has bet a million dollars on Gram Power, the brainchild of two Berkeley Engineering grads who aim to bring electricity to rural India while slowing climate change at the same time.

UC Berkeley and Tsinghua University launch research and graduate education partnership

Tsinghua University's graduate school campus at Shenzhen

9/6/2014 - UC Berkeley and Tsinghua University have signed an agreement to establish a joint institute in the city of Shenzhen in South China to promote research collaboration and graduate student education. First areas of focus for the institute will be nanotechnology and nanomedicine, low-carbon and new energy technologies, and data science and next-generation Internet.

Environmental faculty receive prestigious Obama-Singh Award

Kara Nelson, David Sedlak and Ashok Gadgil

8/29/2014 - Professors Kara Nelson, David Sedlak and Ashok Gadgil of civil and environmental engineering are among the Berkeley faculty selected for the prestigious Obama-Singh 21st Century Knowledge Initiative Award for 2014, which includes work on a sustainable water project in India.

Scholars on scooters

Thumbnail of video: CE 186: cyber-physical systems

8/13/2014 - Students zip around campus on electric scooters while learning about energy, transportation and vehicle-to-grid systems in a new civil engineering class.

RadWatch project brings near real-time radiation data to the public

RadWatch team

6/19/2014 - A team of Berkeley nuclear engineering scientists has launched a project called RadWatch to provide the public online access to a wealth of information — including near real-time readings — on environmental radiation levels. The researchers say the effort is meant to demystify radiation, an often misunderstood subject.

EPA hits nuclear power with kryptonite

Per Peterson

6/13/2014 Forbes - A commentary questioning whether the EPA's new proposed emissions rule for nuclear power plants is politically motivated quotes a forum post by nuclear engineering professor Per Peterson, who wrote that "There exists no plausible public health or environmental reason to regulate [Krypton-85] emissions, since they do not and can never have any significant public health or environmental impact."

Water researcher David Sedlak wins 2014 Clarke Prize

David Sedlak

6/13/2014 National Water Research Institute - The National Water Research Institute has named David Sedlak, Berkeley professor of civil and environmental engineering, as the 21st recipient of its Athalie Richardson Irvine Clarke Prize for his pioneering research on advancing the way water resources and urban water infrastructure are managed.

No Fukushima radiation found in West Coast kelp

Grad student collecting kelp

5/7/2014 Berkeley Lab - Scientists working together on Kelp Watch 2014, including nuclear engineering professor Kai Vetter, announced Wednesday that the West Coast shoreline shows no signs of ocean-borne radiation from Japan’s Fukushima nuclear power plant disaster, following their analysis of the first collection of kelp samples along the western U.S. coastline.

Tundra scientist

5/1/2014 Geophysicist Susan Hubbard (Ph.D.’98 CEE) leads a research team from the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in Barrow, Alaska as part of the 10-year Next-Generation Ecosystem Experiment.