Ashok Gadgil: The humanitarian inventor

Ashok Gadgil

3/9/2015 IEEE Spectrum - Named one of IEEE Spectrum's Engineering Heroes for 2015, the civil and environmental engineering professor's work on water purification, cookstoves and arsenic removal has helped tens of millions of people worldwide.

KQED e-book explores engineering through cookstoves

Engineering is: Saving the world with cookstoves

3/2/2015 KQED Quest - KQED’s new Engineering Is… e-book series launches with the Berkeley Darfur cookstove, developed by environmental engineering professor Ashok Gadgil to improve the lives of refugees in the war-torn Darfur region of Sudan.

Greener blue jeans

John Dueber (right) and bioengineering graduate student Zach Russ examine a culture of indigo-producing E. coli bacteria.

2/23/2015 Berkeley Research - The indigo that dyes your favorite pair of jeans blue is wildly popular, but very "dirty" to synthesize chemically. Bioengineering professor and Bakar fellow John Dueber thinks he has found an environmentally green way for industry to churn out the dye without toxic compounds.

A drop to drink

Susan Amrose in her lab

2/18/2015 - Susan Amrose, a lecturer in the civil and environmental engineering department, is developing a modular and scalable technology to remove arsenic from drinking water.

Engineering the spark that starts the wildfire

High-speed video of spot fire ignition

2/11/2015 National Science Foundation - Hot metal fragments cast off by power lines, overheated brakes or other common sources can ignite a blaze if they land on the right fuel source. Now Berkeley mechanical engineers, supported by the NSF, are learning what ingredients and conditions cause this type of spot fire ignition.

Beyond clean water: A development engineer profile

Water treatment station in South Asia

1/13/2015 Blum Center - Listening to a dry academic lecture on flood prediction while monsoons flooded a fifth of Pakistan sparked a humanitarian drive in Syed Imran Ali, now a Blum Center postdoc pursuing his vision of safe water delivery through development engineering.

Air pollution down thanks to California’s regulation of diesel trucks

Heavy truck entering the Caldecott Tunnel

12/11/2014 Berkeley Lab - Detailed measurement of emissions from thousands of heavy trucks in the Bay Area by Berkeley Lab air quality scientists, led by adjunct professor Thomas Kirchstetter and professor Rob Harley, both of civil and environmental engineering, showed a dramatic reduction in pollutants in the wake of aggressive new regulations implemented by the California Air Resources Board.

Cookstove case study

Thumbnail of video: Cookstove case study

11/7/2014 - Students in the new development engineering class make lunch on cookstoves.

Supercharging more electric cars risks crashing the grid

Electric car recharging station

11/4/2014 California magazine - U.S. electrical grids might not be ready for the new wave of electric vehicles expected within the decade. But the Smart Cities Research Center in civil and environmental engineering is working on data-driven ways to prevent a grid meltdown.

New tool for clean energy action: “SWITCH”

Dan Kammen presenting SWITCH at Copenhagen sustainability conference

10/28/2014 CleanTechnica - A new policymaking tool to better enable the shift to renewable energy has been developed by researchers at UC Berkeley, led by Dan Kammen, Class of 1935 Distinguished Professor of Energy.