Building an organ in the marsh

Environmental engineering Ph.D. student, Madeline Foster-Martinez.

12/16/2015 - A Louisiana native and environmental engineering Ph.D. student, Madeline Foster-Martinez is studying the fluid dynamics of a local marsh to better understand tidal wetland restoration.

Making furniture from fungi

Mushroom-based stools

12/15/2015 Scientific American - For three years, doctoral mechanical engineering student Sonia Travaglini has been studying inventor Phil Ross's mushroom composite as a sustainable alternative to wood, plastic and other materials.

Celebrating World Toilet Day, reinventing sanitation

Thumbnail of video: Berkeley student turns urine into fertilizer to feed the world

11/16/2015 - United Nations World Toilet Day on Nov. 19 is environmental engineering doctoral student William Tarpeh’s main chance — a time to proselytize about all things sanitation. For mechanical engineering grad student Emily Woods, it's a boost for Sanivation, the company she co-founded to convert human feces into charcoal for a poor community in Kenya.

Filtering the e-waste stream

Discarded circuit boards ready for processing

11/16/2015 - Alumnus Glen Langstaff (B.S.’77 ME/NE) wants to use new technology to make disposing of old technology cheaper and more efficient. Here’s how:

Pocket-sized docent tours

Arthur Bart-Williams

9/24/2015 - For years, Arthur Bart-Williams (B.S.’88 CE) had plans to build better tour-guide technology. Now he’s done just that.

Photos of ruptured oil pipeline provide clues of spill cause

Corroded and cracked pipe

6/17/2015 Washington Post - Photos of the pipeline that spilled oil on the Santa Barbara coast in May show extensive corrosion and suggest that a pressure leak tied to the restart of failed pumps caused the break, said Robert Bea, a civil engineering professor emeritus.


David Lu and Clarity monitor

5/1/2015 Clarity is a wearable air pollution monitoring and reporting device.

Mobile tour tells campus story via trees

London plane trees on the Campanile esplanade

3/30/2015 - A free, smartphone-based guided tour, developed by CNR experts in partnership with a Berkeley Engineering alum’s software company, highlights the campus’s landscape and cultural history through 16 exemplary trees.