How to save water from California's leaky infrastructure

Water spraying from rusted pipe

3/7/2016 California magazine - Thanks to outdated systems and structures, California's water managers don't know how much water the state truly has, how much we really use, or how much leaks from ancient pipes before it ever reaches a tap. Berkeley engineers like Paul Sagues (M.S.'80 ME) are working on ways to dry up that waste.

ME student team wins cleantech prize

2/25/2016 - Students in mechanical engineering professor Hayden Taylor's group have won the $100,000 grand prize in the Berkeley Cleantech University Prize competition for their development of an omniphobic coating that can boost air conditioner efficiency.

The road to sustainability

CNBC's James Wright and CEE professor Arpad Horvath at Sather Gate

1/27/2016 CNBC - In a new video series on sustainable energy, civil and environmental engineering professor Arpad Horvath compares the environmental footprints of emerging transportation technologies, from biofuels and high-speed rail to maritime shipping and aviation.

Filtering water with graphene

Baoxia Mi at work in her new Davis Hall lab

1/15/2016 - CEE professor Baoxia Mi is developing a more efficient water filtration membrane constructed from graphene oxide, a carbon-based material that’s made from naturally-occurring graphite, the same material found in pencils.

Building an organ in the marsh

Environmental engineering Ph.D. student, Madeline Foster-Martinez.

12/16/2015 - A Louisiana native and environmental engineering Ph.D. student, Madeline Foster-Martinez is studying the fluid dynamics of a local marsh to better understand tidal wetland restoration.

Making furniture from fungi

Mushroom-based stools

12/15/2015 Scientific American - For three years, doctoral mechanical engineering student Sonia Travaglini has been studying inventor Phil Ross's mushroom composite as a sustainable alternative to wood, plastic and other materials.

Filtering the e-waste stream

Discarded circuit boards ready for processing

11/16/2015 - Alumnus Glen Langstaff (B.S.’77 ME/NE) wants to use new technology to make disposing of old technology cheaper and more efficient. Here’s how: