Lab to lead new watershed study

The mountainous headwaters of the East River catchment, located in the Upper Colorado River Basin

8/4/2016 Berkeley Lab - Geophysicist Susan Hubbard (Ph.D.’98 CEE), Berkeley Lab's associate director for earth and environmental sciences, will head up a three-year DOE initiative to quantify how mountainous watershed floods, drought, fire and early snowmelt affect the downstream delivery of water, nutrients, carbon and metals.

Bringing clean water to Kenya’s largest slum

Kenyan children drinking water from a fountain

8/4/2016 California magazine - Paul Sagues (M.S.'80 ME), chairman of the Marin-based water systems firm Xio, and energy professor Dan Kammen were part of a high-profile Berkeley-driven team bringing a model clean water project to Kibera, Africa's largest slum.

Radiation 101: DoseNet delivers environmental data as an educational tool

Nuclear engineering postdocs explain DoseNet to high school science students in Moraga, CA

5/25/2016 Berkeley Lab - Stretching from East Bay high school science clubs to a Japanese city hall, DoseNet measures natural background radiation levels as an international education and outreach project, run by UC Berkeley nuclear engineering faculty and postdocs working with Berkeley Lab researchers.

Hazards and opportunities in the pipeline

Postdoctoral researcher Florence Bonvin and David Sedlak use liquid chromatography as one of their tools to track chemical contaminants in water supplies

5/10/2016 Berkeley Research - Environmental engineering professor David Sedlak, whose book Water 4.0 calls for a new revolution in urban water systems, is studying the fate of chemical contaminants in wastewater, seeking better ways to treat and clean the water we depend on.

Restoring tidal marshlands

Madeline Foster-Martinez at the marsh organ she built at Richmond Field Station

5/1/2016 Are biosolids the answer to making tidal wetlands less vulnerable to storm surges similar to that of Hurricane Katrina? Doctoral student and Louisiana native Madeline Foster-Martinez is working to find out.

The search for smarter energy and water strategies

Postdoc researcher Chinmayee Subban and Ashok Gadgil are refining an affordable water treatment technology to produce fresh drinking water from brackish water

4/25/2016 Berkeley Research - Environmental engineering professor Ashok Gadgil, principal investigator for a $64 million joint U.S.-China research center, is seeking innovative ways to meet the energy and water needs of both developing and industrial societies.

Architects name Jacobs Hall a top green project

Jacobs Hall (Photo © Tim Griffith)

4/22/2016 American Institute of Architects - In an Earth Day announcement, the AIA's Committee on the Environment selected Jacobs Hall as one of ten top examples of sustainable architecture and ecological design projects that protect and enhance the environment.

Watching snow melt

Thumbnail of video: Sierra-Net

4/11/2016 - The collaborative Sierra Net project builds wireless sensor networks in major California watersheds to modernize the way the state’s water supply is measured.